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Greater Orlando Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals makes it possible for its participating hospitals to enrich their pediatric programs with research, special care equipment and a wide range of services that might not otherwise have been possible. Below are some examples of the programs Greater Orlando Children's Miracle Network Hospitals funds have supported:



Neonatal Intensive Care Ambulance $300,000
Incubators $250,000
GenX Beta Strep Test Machine $125,000
Clinical Research $131,599
Portion of Central Monitoring System for Winnie Palmer Hospital $150,000
Portion of Construction Costs of NICU at Winnie Palmer Hospital $500,000


Storage Tank for Cord Blood $36,339
Children's Transplant Fund $10,000
Heart Transplant Children's Book $4,000
Liver Transplant Database $6,059
Heart Transplant Rejection Research $6,443
Marrow Stem Cell Transplant Research
(brain tumors, leukemia, sarcomas, islet cells)


Epilepsy Monitoring Program $48,000
Epilepsy Surgery Equipment $16,700
Sleep Disorder Center $7,500
Epilepsy Research $25,000
Nervous Tissue Regeneration Research $15,958
Neurological Monitoring Equipment $165,000
Leather Recliners for Epilepsy Monitoring Room $2,000

Pulmonology/Respiratory Care

Infant Airway Measurement Graphics $5,804
Transport Ventilator $12,003
Pediatric Bronchoscopy Suite $15,250
Website for Cystic Fibrosis Kids $11,990
Research $20,000

Critical Care/Trauma Center

Pediatric Intensive Care Ambulance $300,000
Brain Injury Research $226,340
Pediatric Cardiology Equipment $250,000
Portion of Pediatric Emergency Room construction costs at APH $1,000,000


Upgrade Digitrapper MKII to MKIII $5,000
Upper Endoscopy Equipment $17,775
Clinical Research $4,360

Congential Heart Institute

Surgical, Diagnostic and Catheterization Equipment $1,500,000
Post Surgical Infant Warmers $57,920
Family i-round Software $27,323
Cardiac Surgery Pumps $45,000
Cath Lab Monitors $57,741 
Echocardiography Equipment $231,905
Cardiovascular ICU renovations/equipment  $1,300,000


Head Covers for Children Undergoing Chemotherapy $1,020
Kid Friendly Exam Table $4,500
Manageable Child IV Poles  $5,000
Dynamap Monitors $3,500


Speech and Hearing Center Pediatric Program $1,372
New Outpatient Pediatric Rehabilitation Clinic $1,029

Pediatric Intensive Care

Portable Ultrasound Machine $53,610
I-STAT Machines $10,000
Heine Fiber Optic Laryngoscopes $8,296


Pediatric Orthopedic Educational Video and Handout $11,000
Family Education Packets $1,000
Spanish Translation of Pediatric Transplant Handbooks $6,955
Liver Transplant Video $1,850

Child Life and Diversion Activities

Child Life Programs $121,674
Play Area /Miracle Ship $168,000
Emergency Department Activity Panels $5,204
Teen Room Game Table $260
Arts in Medicine $18,432
Kidzpace Interactive Video Units $11,400
Aquariums $900
Pediatric Pre-op & Post-op Diversion Activities $6,500
Doll Houses and Play Kitchen Set $3,852
Making Loving Memories $2,371

Patient and Family Resources

Fun meals for pediatric patients $8,600
Laundry Room in Family Area of Pediatric Care Intensive Care $50,000
Pediatric Food Closet $25,000
Disposable Cameras $1,000
Patient and Family Resource Materials $12,000
Visitor Assistants $102,139
Financial Aid for Campers $10,000
PICU Family Handbooks $2,000
Parent Support Groups and Advisory Committee $3,600
Credenza Beds $12,573
SCH Plastic Belongings Bags  $2,200


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